Personal data we hold

As part of our services, we need to obtain and process personal data as required where necessary to provide our services such as names, business and/or home addresses, phone number, personal or work number, Eircode, email address, usernames and passwords, IP addresses, vehicle registration (registration number, engine number, VIN number, vehicle warranty, vehicle history, previous owner, product recalls, CVRT, change of vehicle ownership,  trade in vehicle, VAT number, financial funding where we are the credit intermediary, CCTV, Customer Surveys, photographs, bank details to process the financial transaction, while we may require credit or debit card details for payment, we do not store these details on our systems.

All processing is conducted in a secure manner via a third party portal. We also collect any other personal information that you choose to provide to us when you complete our online contact forms or otherwise make contact with us. Any information provided by or about you through our website including comment boxes, forms, links, website usage or any other means.   

If any person contacts us via phone, email, post, surveys, through our website or otherwise, we may keep a record of that correspondence.   
Where you purchase any products or services from us, we collect your data in relation to that product or service as set out in this policy and our contract with you for that product or service. 

Data we hold as a Credit Intermediary to facilitate the loan application process  
Where our customers require finance to purchase a vehicle, we act Credit Intermediary to assist our customers during the application process with selected Financial Institutions where consent of the customer is obtained. 

For verification purpose for customers who are sole traders, we collect ID, Proof of Address & Proof of PPS Number (ID is usually drivers licence or passport, proof of address is usually a utility bill or bank/credit card statement & Proof of PPS is usually correspondence from revenue). 

For our customers who are legal entities, we collect Director ID & Proof of home address.  (ID is usually drivers licence, proof of address is usually a utility bill).

We collect Name, PPS No, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Number of Dependents, Residential Status, Occupation, Trading Name, Vat Number, Phone No, Email, Address , Bank account Details, Consent to CCR Register. Once collected this information is submitted to the Financial Institution and is no longer held on our systems. 

Information retained by us relating to the financing of your vehicle is, which Finance Company / Bank as the lender, Term of the agreement & Pricing of the deal.

Where necessary we may also receive your data indirectly from the following sources:

  • Manufacturer (leads or breakdown services) 
  • Distributor (leads or breakdown services)
  • RSA vehicle testing appointments