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M50 Truck and Van Centre is the official Irish agent for Hoppecke batteries, which are typically used for industrial purposes including heavy machinery and aviation appliances. We can supply and fit batteries for a wide variety of purposes and are able to supply batteries and charging apparatus at short notice if required.

Hoppecke is the preferred supplier of batteries for industrial purposes in Ireland for a variety of reasons including in the development of practical and customised solutions Hoppecke lead their field by developing new technology through both internal innovation and the exchange of experience with research establishments and universities keeps us right up-to-date. Intensive cooperation with industry also creates the basis for energy concepts which are both economically persuasive and technically advanced.

"Every battery system from HOPPECKE is therefore an investment which will repay the user
- through longer life expectancy, greater energy savings and lower maintenance and operating costs."

Hoppecke, Germany


Some of the products we can supply from Hoppecke include:


For over 75 years now Hoppecke have been developing, producing and marketing innovative system solutions for traction battery systems. The trak power premium charge range is the core of Hoppecke's traksystem strategy for all applications in the field of industrial trucks, logistical equipment, automated guided vehicle systems and electric vehicles. These units are "Made in Germany" at HOPPECKE Technologies’ high-tech production facilities in Zwickau.


Diesel starting

Batteries used as batteries for starting diesel engines. The starting battery is used for starting, controlling and monitoring of the diesel aggregate.


Industrial trucks

Batteries for supplying of operating resources for load transport and storage systems in daily charge and discharge operation (forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks).


Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

Batteries used in uninterruptible power supply systems (USV – Systems) as energy storage for electrical inverters operating with high sensitive consumers like computer systems, network systems, servers, active and passive net work components, IT junctions, process control systems, cash desk systems, laboratory devices.


Security/emergency lighting and industrial batteries

Batteries for safety power supply in plant constructions and industrial companies as well as in airports, hospitals, schools and other official institutions.


Minor traction applications

Batteries for light daily charge- and discharge operations in cleaning machines, medical wheel chairs, lifting platforms, boats.



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